Podcast feedback review and site update!

Okay, so I got a lot of feedback from people who checked out my blog but were not its usual audience: actually wildly positive. Initial results were not good, some people claiming I was too mean to Cross. Over the course of the past week, it’s actually been extremely positive in the long run. A lot of people dig the site. I like that. GOOD. That means I won’t change anything.

Now we’re doing a poll. I already have conducted an informal poll on Twitter with a few people agreeing, but here’s a real one. So, vote, and we’ll see how it goes. It’s looking like a Plumix so far. I’ll embed this poll in the sidebar.

In other news, I’ve moved this to a subdomain on my funkmon.com domain, so I’m hosting it now and am therefore not limited by wordpress.com. All the old links should still work, but you should probably change your RSS feed to http://pens.funkmon.com/feed/

I’ve also added sites to the blogroll.

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