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I feel like nobody bothers with these anymore. BUT SCREW IT. HERE, ON MY E/N SITE WE’LL HAVE ONE. – Overall great pen blog. Great feature: Ink Links. About once a week, a large collection of links to interesting pen stuff shows up here. – In my opinion, home to the best pen reviews out there, mostly because I agree with them on every single pen we have shared so far. Matt does video, which is cool, is always honest about the pens, and cares about the important stuff. He does occasionally post his pens, though, so that sucks. Bonus: most thorough pen reviews on Youtube, too. – Not just pens, but very well done reviews. – Pen and ink reviews with well done media. – As much as I hate people using adjectives seen as good in some objects to describe something as good in other objects (for example: delectable in the Gourmet Pens subheading), this is a great pen blog. One of my favourites, and it also features a weekly pen link recap. – Entirely not a blog, SBRE Brown has been doing pen videos for like 3 years online. His literally scores of fans all over the internet are very dedicated. He is also informal. So, if you like me, you may like him. – Another great pen blog that doesn’t just feature pens, but also other stuff pen enthusiasts (ugh, I can’t believe I said that) might like, and also does weekly links.


Pen company blogs: – Jetpens is probably the coolest pen company out there. They love bloggers, and they love blogging. And pens. And giveaways. – This is a blog from Goulet Pens. The interesting part here is that while it features products often in the Goulet store, it doesn’t try to sell them. Also wildly informative with big Q & A videos. – Pen Chalet has this strange informative and self selling blog they do, plus they have a youtube channel basically dedicated to pen unboxing. I guiltily watch almost every video.


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